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제목 제48회 International Coffee Hour 에 참석해주신 분들께 감사드립니다.
작성자 어학교육팀 조회수 1604 날짜 2019-11-15

제48회 International Coffee Hour 에 참석해주신 여러분들께 모두 감사드립니다.


2019. 11. 14. 목요일, 제48회 International Coffee Hour 행사가 열렸습니다.

"Korean Street Foods" 라는 주제로, 내·외국인 친구들이 다양한 한국의 길거리 음식을 체험하고, Mingle Game을 통하여 서로에 대해 알아가는 즐거운 시간을 가졌습니다. ^_^

더 많은 사진 보러가기 ☞


Dear International and Korean Students at SeoulTech,


Thank you everyone for your attendance and participation in the 48th International Coffee Hour!

With the theme of "Korean Street Foods", participants tried various Korean street foods. They were also introduced to a Mingle game, through which they asked each other about their likes/dislikes and get to know each other.

I hope you all enjoyed the last International Coffee Hour this year, and we hope to see you back in year 2020!


- Language Education Team, Office of International Education -


P.S. To see more photos, please visit our Kakatalk Plus Friend, SeoulTech Language Education Team: ☞


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