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제목 제30회 언어교육 Colloquium (LEC) 행사 실시 안내
작성자 어학교육팀 조회수 1827 날짜 2019-04-18

서울과학기술대학교 국제교육본부 어학교육팀에서는 아래와 같이 언어교육 학술교류(LEC, Language Education Colloquium)를 실시하오니, 관심있는 분들의 많은 참여바랍니다. 


1. 행사일시 : 2019. 4. 18.(목), 17:00~  (간단한 식사와 음료가 제공됩니다.)


2. 행사장소 : 어학원 202호 


3. 주제발표 : An Introduction and Overview of The Common European Framework of Reference


4. 발표자 : Keith Mannix (서울과학기술대학교 국제교육본부 초빙조교수)

<주요학력 및 경력>

- 서울과학기술대학교 국제교육본부 초빙조교수(2016. 9. 1.~현재)
- 아일랜드 Trinity College, Applied Linguistics 석사(2015) 
- 영국 University of Derby 심리학 석사과정 재학중
- KOTESOL 학술발표(2017. 10월)

Keith Mannix is an assistant professor of English and a member of the foreign faculty in the Office of International Education in Seoul National University of Science and Technology. He has a MPhil in Applied Linguistics in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He has presented on the Common European Framework of Reference at the KOTESOL, 2017. Currently, he is completing a conversion masters in psychology in the University of Derby in the UK.


5. 발표 및 워크숍 내용

- CEFR 이념 및 토대, 기능에 대한 이해 
- 평가 체계 및 사용자의 능력에 기반한 기술 정의 소개
- 요구분석과 교육과정 설계, 평가 통합과정에 적용하는 방법 고찰

Abstract: The ive of this presentation is to introduce the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and give an overview of how its functionality can be useful to any language educator. To begin, we will focus on the origins of CEFR and how its phiplosophical underpinnings have led to its unique functionality. Then, we will look at its useful features including its taxonomic structure, the CEFR rating system, and its ‘can do’ deors will be given. To illustrate its functionality we will briefly look at how it can be used to an integrated approach to needs analysis, curriculum design, and testing. 


Date: Thursday, April 18
Time: 5:00-6:00 pm
Place: Room 202
Light dinner will be served.

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