Language Education Colloquium
Language Education Colloquium
 어학교육연구원 소개 Language Education Colloquium
SeoulTech Language Education Colloquium(LEC)
The SeoulTech LEC series is an opportunity for SeoulTech language teaching professionals to gather at a presentation/workshop to discuss current research and language education topics. It's a great chance to focus our attention on one topic in an interactive setting. It takes different formats depending on the purpose from presentation, workshop, panel discussions to any combination of those. The SeoulTech LEC will be held monthly between March and May, and between September and November. Additional presentations can be scheduled on a special ocasion. Anyone is welcome and admission is free! There will be light snacks provided.
LEC Coordinators
  • - Current Coordinator: Jo-Anna Lynch (September 2014-Present)
  • - Past Coordinator: Paul Bournhonesque (March 2012-August 2014)


32nd LEC: 2019 September 26 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
  • - Topic: Improving Presentation-based Speaking Opportunities in Language
  • - Abstract: We give micro-presentations every day. In order to be more successful communicators, we need to apply presentation skills when we teach, take part in a meeting, or even chat with friends over a cup of coffee. This talk will help you become more aware of key presentation skills and suggest ideas for providing more presentation-based opportunities for students in your language classes, help them brainstorm and choose appropriate topics, keep the other students engaged during in-class presentations, and give feedback and assess presentations. Tips for ways to organize and run full presentation skills courses will also be discussed. 
  • - Speaker: Tim Thompson is a communications consultant based in Daejeon. He has taught undergraduate and graduate-level presentation skills courses at KAIST and worked with major companies and government organizations to help their employees become better presenters. His book on presentation-based activities is available on
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31st LEC: 2019 May 30 5:30PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
  • - Topic: Competition and Cooperation in Classroom Activities
  • - Abstract: There is no shortage of received wisdom about what the “bad” teaching practices are in EFL. Training courses, conferences, workshops, and colleagues are common sources to learn what’s “bad” and should thus be avoided. Chances to step back and consider why this is so are not so common. Many teachers internalize the “rules” about these “bad” practices, but don’t examine specific cases and contexts where these practices might not be so bad. In this interactive workshop participants will be asked to consider the potential positives of widely-known and negatively-viewed teaching practices. Ideas and assumptions about what constitutes “bad” teaching will be challenged and participants can expect to walk away with a clearer idea of their own beliefs on common and commonly mentioned practices..
  • - Speaker: Michael Griffin has been involved with English teaching for nearly 20 years, and has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, trainer-trainer, curriculum developer, and assistant director. He teaches in the Graduate School of International Studies at Chung-Ang University and teaches Curriculum Development and the portfolio course on the New School MATESOL program. Additionally, he's been an online instructor for American English E-Teacher courses for the US State Department over the last 2 years. A frequent presenter, Griffin has presented or conducted workshops in 9 countries for a total of over 60 presentations. He is particularly interested in reflective practice, curriculum development, online learning, teacher education, teaching unplugged, and World Englishes. He blogs at:
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30th LEC 2019 April 18 5PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
  • - Topic: An Introduction and Overview of The Common European Framework of Reference
  • - Abstract: The objective of this presentation is to introduce the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and give an overview of how its functionality can be useful to any language educator. To begin, we will focus on the origins of CEFR and how its phiplosophical underpinnings have led to its unique functionality. Then, we will look at its useful features including its taxonomic structure, the CEFR rating system, and its ‘can do’ descriptors will be given. To illustrate its functionality we will briefly look at how it can be used to create an integrated approach to needs analysis, curriculum design, and testing.
  • - Speaker: Keith Mannix is an assistant professor of English and a member of the foreign faculty in the Office of International Education in Seoul National University of Science and Technology. He has a MPhil in Applied Linguistics in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. He has presented on the Common European Framework of Reference at the KOTESOL, 2017. Currently, he is completing a conversion masters in psychology in the University of Derby in the UK.
29th LEC 2018 November 22 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
  • - Topic: Non-stop Discussions in Student-led Reading Circles for ELLs
  • - Abstract: Wouldn’t you delight in hearing your students independently engage in fluent in-depth conversations about their readings? In this workshop, participants will take part in a mini-reading circle using tools I present for use in fiction and nonfiction self-directed reading circles for ELL students. These tools encourage academic discourse, equity in participation, and accountability. The workshop will include time for participants to debrief their mini-reading circle experience, share best practices and challenges in using reading circles, and provide ideas for adaptations of ideas presented.
  • - Speaker: Patty MacKinnon is currently an English Language Fellow with the U.S. Department of State and works with the Daum School for North Korean Defectors in Seoul. With 20+ years of experience in the ESL/EFL field in the United States, Guatemala, and Korea, Patty has worked with students and staff of diverse social and cultural backgrounds in: curriculum design, program development, teacher coaching, textbook publishing, community outreach, and teaching. She received her MA in TESOL from San Francisco State University in California and her Bachelor’s of Science at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Her special interests include teacher coaching, content-based instruction, and celebrating diversity in the classroom and beyond. In the summer, she is often in Guatemala working on her Safe Water Project that she and her daughter formed several years ago to help bring clean water to indigenous Guatemalan villagers. She is also an active Rotary International member. She can be contacted at
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28th LEC 2018 October 17 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
  • - Topic: Competition and Cooperation in Classroom Activities
  • - Abstract: Competition is often used to make classroom tasks more engaging and gamelike. Although this competition can create a classroom buzz, it may also negatively affect motivation and relationships among students. Fortunately, competition between students is not the only way to give activities a motivating, gamelike feel. In fact, cooperation itself can make activities seem more gamelike. This workshop will present several alternatives to direct competition between students, such as competition against a clock or against a personal record. It will also identify features, such as interdependence among teammates, that make activities truly cooperative. Workshop participants will experience more competitive and more cooperative variations of a classroom activity. Then they will evaluate the cooperative and competitive elements in other activities. Finally, they will propose ways of making these activities more cooperative while retaining the elements that make the activities engaging.
  • - Speaker: Heidi Vande Voort Nam (MA TEFL TESL University of Birmingham) teaches both teacher-training and general English courses at Chongshin University in Seoul. She has co-authored several English textbooks, most recently High School English Conversation (Visang). Within KOTESOL, Heidi serves as a presenter for Korea Teacher Trainers and facilitates the KOTESOL Christian Teachers Special Interest Group.
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27th LEC 2018 June 14 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
26th LEC 2018 May 16 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
25th LEC 2017 November 29 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
24th LEC 2017 Sepember 20 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
23rd LEC 2017 March 14 5PM, Rm 201 (Tuesday)
22nd LEC 2016 November 22 5:30PM, Rm 201 (Tuesday)
21st LEC 2016 November 8 5PM, Rm 201 (Tuesday)
20th LEC 2016 October 25 5PM, Rm 201 (Tuesday)
19th LEC 2016 June 7 1PM, Rm 110 (Tuesday)
18th LEC 2016 May. 10 1PM, Rm 110 (Tuesday)
17th LEC 2015 Oct. 22 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
16th LEC 2015 Sep. 24 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
15th LEC 2015 June 4 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
14th LEC 2015 April 23 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
13th LEC 2015 March 31 1PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
12th LEC 2014 Nov. 27 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
11th LEC 2014 Oct 23 5PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
10th LEC 2014 Sep 25 1PM, Rm 201 (Thursday)
9th LEC 2014 May 22 (Thursday)
8th LEC 2014 Apr 8 (Tuesday)
7th LEC 2014 Mar 27 (Thursday)
6th LEC 2013 Apr 18 (Thursday)
5th LEC 2012 Dec 6 (Thursday)
4th LEC 2012 Nov 21 (Wednesday)
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2nd LEC 2012 May 16 (Wednesday)
1st LEC 2012 Mar 21 (Wednesday)
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