• ILER's attendance policy

    According to SeoulTech policy, you must attend 2/3 of semester to pass the course.
    If you miss 1/3 of the semester, you will autometically fail the course

  • Approved Absence

    Your Own Wedding

    Military Service

    Over-Night Hospital Stay (Not just visiting the hospital or Doctor.)

    MT - You need official permission(a letter from the head of your Department), and must notify your instructor one week in advance.

    Official University Event(this does not include circle/club activities such a soccer game etc., or the university festival)

    Bereavement - Death of a close relative(you must provide proof of this)

    Job Interview You must provide the letter of invitation(confirmation) for interview and/or the company(interviewer)’s business card with contact information.

    Employment for second semester graduating senior students: You must provide both 1) certificate of graduation eligibility and 2) employment documents

    Change of class during class changing periodyou must provide proof of this by 3rd week

  • Non-approved absence reason

    Failure to attend 10 weeks will automatically result in Failure in the final grade and this will not be reconciled.
    If you do not think that you would be able to complete two third of the semester, we strongly recommend that you do not take the course.

  • Approved Absences Request

    Within 1 week of an absence, you must provide documentary proof such as certificates, forms etc. to the administration office in Room 115.
    For example, if you are absent from a Wednesday 11am class Week 4, you must hand in documents before 11am Wednesday of Week 5. If your absence occurs during the last week of the semester, you must submit the paperwork no later than the last day of the semester.
    Paperwork submitted later than one week after the absence will not be accepted and the absence will not be excused.

  • ※ Details are subject to change.