Language Education Colloquium
Language Education Colloquium
 어학교육연구원 소개 Language Education Colloquium
SeoulTech Language Education Colloquium(LEC)
The SeoulTech LEC series is an opportunity for SeoulTech language teaching professionals to gather at a presentation/workshop to discuss current research and language education topics. It's a great chance to focus our attention on one topic in an interactive setting. It takes different formats depending on the purpose from presentation, workshop, panel discussions to any combination of those. The SeoulTech LEC will be held monthly between March and May, and between September and November. Additional presentations can be scheduled on a special ocasion. Anyone is welcome and admission is free! There will be light snacks provided.
LEC Coordinators
  • - Current Coordinator: Jo-Anna Lynch (September 2014-Present)
  • - Past Coordinator: Paul Bournhonesque (March 2012-August 2014)
28th LEC 2018 October 17 6PM, Rm 201 (Wednesday)
  • - Topic: Competition and Cooperation in Classroom Activities
  • - Abstract: Competition is often used to make classroom tasks more engaging and gamelike. Although this competition can create a classroom buzz, it may also negatively affect motivation and relationships among students. Fortunately, competition between students is not the only way to give activities a motivating, gamelike feel. In fact, cooperation itself can make activities seem more gamelike. This workshop will present several alternatives to direct competition between students, such as competition against a clock or against a personal record. It will also identify features, such as interdependence among teammates, that make activities truly cooperative. Workshop participants will experience more competitive and more cooperative variations of a classroom activity. Then they will evaluate the cooperative and competitive elements in other activities. Finally, they will propose ways of making these activities more cooperative while retaining the elements that make the activities engaging.
  • - About the speaker: Heidi Vande Voort Nam (MA TEFL TESL University of Birmingham) teaches both teacher-training and general English courses at Chongshin University in Seoul. She has co-authored several English textbooks, most recently High School English Conversation (Visang). Within KOTESOL, Heidi serves as a presenter for Korea Teacher Trainers and facilitates the KOTESOL Christian Teachers Special Interest Group.
  • - 28th LEC Photos
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